Why We Made the Ultimate Switch to Blueland

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We’ve been buying environmentally friendly cleaning products for years and thought we were being good to the environment. We used eco-friendly dishwashing detergent, all-purpose spray, window cleaner, dish and hand soaps. We even bought hand and dish soap refills in plastic pouches to lower our trash footprint. However, it turns out that we weren’t doing such a great job after all. Even though we bought products that are easy on the environment, the single-use plastic containers in which they are packaged are anything but environmentally friendly. For example, a plastic bottle in a landfill is estimated to take 450 years to decompose! More over, plastic waste is ending up in the ocean where it enters the food chain. Fish consume the plastic, we eat the fish, we eat the plastic!! This had me wondering if there was be a better way to be clean and green. Then I started seeing TV ads for Blueland cleaning products. Their pitch was simple – cleaning tablets, dissolved in tap water, in their reusable bottles. No more single-use plastic – perfect. A simple idea that’s simply genius! Here’s why we made the ultimate switch to Blueland.

We made the ultimate switch to Blueland...sampling of products we used before Blueland
A small sample of the cleaning products we’re replacing with Blueland

How it Works

So a few weeks ago when I was about to run out of all-purpose spray cleaner again, I headed over to Blueland.com to learn more. Here’s what I learned:

  • You buy a Forever Bottle (which is cute and pre-labeled), fill it with warm water and drop in a tablet (they sell Glass + Mirrors, Multi-Surface, and Bathroom cleaning tablets), wait a few minutes for the tablet to dissolve and voila, you have cleaning spray. The cleaning tablets are the size of a nickel and refills cost around $2 – less than buying another bottle of cleaner!
  • Same goes for Dish Soap. You buy the reusable silicone container and a package of powder dish soap. Simply sprinkle the dish powder onto a wet sponge and wash your dishes.
  • Laundry and Dishwasher tablets are also available, as are pre-labeled tins.
  • All packaging for cleaning tablets and powder is compostable so there’s even less waste. And the cleaning products themselves are non-toxic.

So, it turns out that these cleaning products are truly environmentally friendly – non-toxic cleaners and no additional single-use plastics going into landfills. Win!!

After poring over their site, I took the plunge and ordered The Clean Essentials package (3 Reusable Forever Cleaning Spray Bottles, 1 reusable Foaming Hand Soap bottle and 4 tablets: multi-surface, glass + mirror, bathroom and foaming hand soap). I also ordered The Dish Duo package which comes with a reusable silicone shaker bottle for hand-washing dishes, 16oz powder dish soap, a reusable steel tin with 40 dishwasher tablets.

We made the ultimate switch to Blueland...Forever bottles
Forever Bottles
We made the ultimate switch to Blueland - The Dish Duo package
Glass Hand Soap bottle, Dishwasher Tablets tin and Silicone Dish Soap bottle (dishwasher tablets and powder dish soap in bags)

Buy What You Want, When You Want

There’s no need to worry that you’ll have to buy a bunch of products you don’t want. Blueland offers a variety of bundles to suit your needs for anyone looking to try their environmentally friendly products, even if it’s only refills or a single Forever Bottle. Plus all the packaging is recyclable!

We made the ultimate switch to Blueland - Cleaning tablets in compostable packaging

Function and Form

With my purchase of dish and hand soaps, I took into consideration a topic that I constantly grapple with – how can I clean my hands and dishes while keeping the sink area looking stylish and uncluttered?!? Prior to making the switch to Blueland, I swapped out our dish soap container for one of those huge amber-glass hand soap pumps. It looked great, but my family immediately rebelled saying the pump was too big and heavy for the times they needed to actually pick up the bottle. The good news is that the Blueland dish soap bottle is lightweight, easy to handle and good looking. Everyone is happy. Oh, and the hand soap bottle is glass and quite cute! They look great together on our countertop!

We made the ultimate switch to Blueland - Dish and Hand soaps on our kitchen counter
We made the ultimate switch to Blueland - Forever cleaning bottles and tablets on our countertop

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that no more cleaning related single-use plastics are going into a landfill (or the ocean) and green products that are economical. Here’s what Blueland says about their products:

“Save Money – Buy the bottle once and pay just $2 for refills”

“Save Space – Our tablets are compact and easy to store in bulk”

“Save Earth – Stop Throwing out plastic bottles and shipping lots of water”

We made the obvious switch (for us) to Blueland and we’re glad we did. The products are economical and really work, plus there’s no waste and they smell great! Like they say on the Blueland packaging “Refill is the New Recycle”. You gotta check them out!

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