Hi! I’m Lur, the voice behind “Made By Lur”. This is the place where I’ll share all the details of updating our 1970s colonial – inside and out! Although I spent nearly 15 years in Forensic Science, I’ve also been a personal trainer and yoga instructor. But my true interest was decor, design, DIY, and making things pretty and functional all over our house.

You’ll find DIY projects (big and small), kitchen exploits (some healthy, some not), cocktail experiments (for medicinal purposes, of course), the challenges of feeding a family of 5 (each with differing tastes & lifestyle choices), and last but not least, the things I’m digging right now. I’ll even include design and construction mistakes made along the way.

And, lastly, in case you were wondering about the URL “lur-made.com”, it’s a play on mermaid. My name is a variant of Lorelei, the siren who lured men to shipwreck with her song. So, don’t be surprised to find mermaid-related items around our home.

Thanks for stopping by, take a look around, and let me know what you think!

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