Reorganizing My Very Small Pantry

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Our pantry is small. Like 35” wide and only 12” deep. In fact, it’s so small that we had to put food storage shelves in our basement. It’s utilitarian – it holds everyday items like cereal, grains, potatoes, a variety of vinegars, pasta, dog food, and kitchen wraps. I’d love a pantry that, in addition to holding food, also stores my Instant Pot, coffee maker, blender, mixer… (it’s clear I have walk-in pantry envy). So I was faced with reorganizing my very small pantry to make the most of it. 

I knew our pantry could be better. It didn’t look or function the way I wanted it to. So last week I purchased a multi-pack of sleek, air-tight containers and started filling them up with dry goods like nuts, teas, grains and cereals. The pantry looked loads better, but without the packaging, the containers needed labels. I found just what I needed from the Talented Kitchen (they even featured my pantry on Instagram!!!). They have a variety of clear, pre-printed labels in an assortment of fonts like farmhouse, cursive, and script. They look awesome, stay in place, and are available for nearly everything I might need to label. I’m even considering their clips for labeling the items I’ve grouped together in baskets in our pantry! I’ve gone all fangirl over these labels! 

A Very Small Pantry - Fangirl for these labels!

While in the throes of pantry beautification, I also decided to add peel-and-stick wallpaper to the very small pantry. I chose a bold jungle pattern that looks amazing! It took 22 years to get around to it, but we finally updated our very small pantry. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Behold the pantry organization…

A Very Small Pantry - Baking and Popcorn
A Very Small Pantry - Grains
A Very Small Pantry - Three shelves of labeled containers
A Very Small Pantry - Dog Food
A Very Small Pantry - Basket

And since we can’t fit everything in our very small pantry, we have the overflow necessities on shelves elsewhere around the kitchen. I may have gotten carried away with labeling on those items too!

A Very Small Pantry - Powdered Sugar label
A Very Small Pantry - Flour, Sugar, Brown Sugar
A Very Small Pantry - Dog Treats

So until the day I get my fabulous walk-in pantry, I’m happy with our very small pantry! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

P.S. If you’re looking for a quick weekend project with more organization, check out my post on Easy DIY Drawer Dividers!

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