Drink This: “Pom & Circumstance Margatini”

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Happy Friday everyone! Cinco de Mayo is already in the rearview mirror, but graduation season is in full swing online and on front lawns across America. So in honor of the college grad in my house and college grads (and their parents) everywhere, I’m sharing the recipe for a Pomegranate Margatini (the perfect union of margarita and martini), that I’m calling “Pom and Circumstance“. It’s a twist on the classic margarita, shaken and served in a martini glass. Enjoy on its own or with whatever you’re eating to celebrate your grad and you’ll be set for a perfect spring evening of social distancing. It’s the perfect drink to start the weekend.

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I first enjoyed this libation a few years ago at a local restaurant and have been attempting to replicate it ever since. I am happy to announce that I finally cracked the recipe code on this boozy sip. It’s tequila forward and only lightly sweetened with pomegranate and lime juices which allows the citrusy notes of Grand Marnier to shine through.

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While there are several styles of tequila to choose from, Blanco (also called silver or white) and Reposado (which means rested in Spanish) work best in mixed drinks because of their bold flavor. Whereas Añejo tequila is aged at least one year resulting in a smoother finish making it more suitable for sipping. Whichever you use, be sure to choose a quality brand for best results. Our go-to tequilas are Espolon and Milagro.

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The “Pom and Circumstance Margatini

Kosher Salt

Limes, sliced (for salting rims and garnishing)

2 oz Blanco or Reposado Tequila

1 oz Pomegranate Juice

1/2 oz Grand Marnier

1/2 oz Nellie & Joe’s Key Lime Juice or fresh squeezed lime juice

Pour salt into a small plate, rub lime wedge around half of a martini glass rim, then dip that half of the rim into salt. Fill a drink shaker with ice and add the tequila, pomegranate juice, Grand Marnier, and lime juice, shake vigorously, then pour into the Martini glass. Enjoy!*

Finished Product

*Drinker Beware: If you consume too many of these decidedly delicious drinks, you may begin to refer to them as Pom and “Consequence” (as I may have while perfecting the recipe.)

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