Our Home Office is Moving and Getting a Big Upgrade!

Our current home office is conveniently located just off the kitchen (in what was our dining room). We converted it to an office when our kids were in elementary and middle school as a space for them to do their homework and work on the computer where we could see them. Having a dedicated office during a global pandemic has definitely been a perk, especially with my husband working from home. Although, it does pose some challenges for his meetings with the kitchen so close to the office (dishwasher, dogs, garbage disposal, etc.). But with two kids out of college and the third set to graduate next summer, the office no longer needs to be on the main floor. Additionally, we now have a spare bedroom since our oldest recently moved halfway across the country. Soooo, our home office is moving into the spare bedroom and getting a big upgrade! And, we can reclaim our dining room! Win-win!!

I plan to re-use as much of our current furniture as possible – the black wall-mounted desks (formerly a massive Pottery Barn dining table) and a set of Ikea Pax units already in the space and basically unused. The Ikea Pax units will become built-in storage for printers, files and other office related storage; a big upgrade for the small, nursery-sized room. An added bonus – the room gets light from south and east facing windows – it’s so bright!!

Here’s my inspiration!

This office from Life On Virginia Street has everything we’re looking for in an office – a dramatic wall treatment, lots of light, his and hers desks, and lovely non-office looking furniture.

Our Home Office is Moving and Getting an Upgrade - Life on Virgina street office inspiration
Image courtesy of Life On Virginia Street

Erin Kestenbaum has awesome DIY plans for turning Ikea Pax units into custom built-ins that I’ll use, although I’m undecided what color to paint them: white or a medium gray, I’m not 100% sure.

Our Home Office is Moving and Getting an Upgrade - built-ins inspiration form Erin Kestenbaum
Image courtesy of Erin Kestenbaum

Stay tuned for the upcoming mood board and updates on how I’m turning my inspiration into reality!!

Let’s chat. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think or if you have questions or suggestions!

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