It’s Finally Friday: A Book to Read, a Movie to Watch, an Impactful Podcast, a Shirt and some other Stuff I’m into Right Now…

After a long, mostly rainy and humid week, the holiday weekend is stacking up to be a nice one and I, for one, am looking forward to spending some time on the patio with a glass of wine. Whether you’re staying home or hitting the road this weekend, here are a few things you’re bound to enjoy…

  • Because cake! This vegan apple cake, even if you’re not a vegan.
  • A classic book by Christopher Moore – funny, irreverent.
  • Emily Henderson is MOVING and staging her entry to sell.
  • I’m going to live in this cinched shoulder top or maybe this ruffle cuff dolman top, both are currently 50% off!!
  • A podcast about race. It’s incredibly interesting, thought provoking, and always leaves me wanting to learn more.
  • The walls in my upcoming office project will be covered with this Zero VOC paint.
  • This movie starring a real-life super hero actor we lost too soon.

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