How to Create a Super-Organized and Stylish Mobile Office

I work from my kitchen counter, which I enjoy because I like my kitchen! It’s bright and allows views of the front and back yard. However, I have one, teeny tiny issue working from the kitchen and that’s dinner time. Every night prior to meal prep, I find myself gathering up my makeshift office (laptop, notebooks, swatches, calendar, tape measure, etc.) and moving “my pile” to the sofa, coffee table or to the actual office (where my husband is currently working from home). It’s not that my makeshift office is unsightly (well, maybe a little), it just needs to be easily tucked away at meal time (and at the end of the day). The dilemma: How to create a super-organized and stylish mobile office in my kitchen? The solution: A tiered rolling cart that provides storage and organization and can be rolled out of sight when necessary!!

The rolling cart is a simple solution that turns any seating area in any room into an office. And the price is right with most rolling carts starting around $30! That’s a lot less than you’d spend on a desk, lamp and all the pretty things to make your home office feel more homey!!

Before: My Makeshift Kitchen Counter “Office”

Makeshift "Office" Before
Before – Makeshift “Office”
How to Create a Super-Organized and Stylish Mobil Office -Dog Paw Cleaning Supplies Before
Before – Dog Paw Cleaning Supplies at my Feet

I didn’t realize how much countertop real estate I was consuming until I had to move my “pile” every day just to make more room to prepare dinner. Also, I had a dog paw cleaning station at my feet which was in constant danger of being kicked over and was maybe a little bit of an eyesore. I needed a storage solution to house everything, and it needed to be mobile, so it could be rolled out of sight when entertaining, someday post-COVID!!

After: The Super-Organized, Stylish Mobile Office

How to Create a Super-Organized and Stylish Mobil Office - My stylish mobile office after
After – My Stylish Mobile “Office”
Dog paw cleaning Supplies After
After – Dog Paw Cleaning Supplies
How to Create a Super-Organized and Stylish Mobil Office - Mobile Office After
Mobile “Office”

To create my super-organized and stylish mobile office, I chose the Råskog Utility Rolling Cart in matte black from Ikea. Although, you can find find rolling carts from Target, Amazon, The Container Store and Wayfair.

Mobile office tucked away at the end of the day
Mobile “Office” Tucked Away

My mobile office, “Moffice” maybe, is even better than expected. It is amazing! A quick fix that made a huge difference in our kitchen. Plus, the matte black finish stylishly blends into the matte black kitchen wall (Tricorn Black by Sherwin-Williams) making my mobile office almost disappear!! The cart easily accommodates my laptop, charger, notebooks, calendar, catalogs, and tape measure. And it’s organized, I can get my hands on everything I need. There’s even enough room on the bottom shelf for all the dog paw cleaning supplies – the Paw Plunger (a dog paw cleaning gadget that’s essentially a bucket of water with interior brushes to clean muddy dog paws) and old towels to dry those wet paws. The dog station is a must since the kitchen sliding door is next to my mobile “office” and the sole access point to the back yard!

Now each time I’m away from my work space, I simply place all of my work related supplies into my mobile office and roll it under the counter. No office clutter in sight!

How to Create a Super-Organized and Stylish Mobil Office - Cleared Kitchen Counters
Cleared Kitchen Counters

In just a short amount of time – 15 minutes to assemble the cart, plus the trip to Ikea – I was able to create a super-organized and stylish mobile office! Now at the end of the work day, all you’ll see on our kitchen countertop is food, and maybe a glass of wine 😉

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