Mood Board: How We Plan to Complete our Boho-Inspired Family Room

Boho-inspired Family Room Mood Board

If you’re new to our family room, that’s cool, it’s new to us too. Just ten weeks ago it was a dining room, but not anymore!! You might be thinking “Didn’t she say boho-inspired family room? That mood board looks so neutral.” Well, you’d be correct about the mood board. Let’s back up a bit and I’ll explain.

The design for the room started coming together with the purchase of this fabulous rug that had me at “Hello”. It has all the makings of a relaxed boho-inspired space. Shades of navy, pink, gray, and orange along with the cool pattern made it a perfect starting point for the room. Plus, the pattern masks dirty paw prints. Need I say more?

Arteaga Rug Family Room Wayfair
Source: Wayfair

We then added this spectacular sofa which was love at first sight when my oldest daughter and I came across it at Ikea. Navy blue velvet with a tufted back, be still my heart. And, it’s soooo comfortable! We held our breath and crossed our fingers as we checked the dimensions to see if this beauty would fit into the room. Boom baby! A perfect fit!

Lindome Navy Sofa Ikea
Source: Ikea

Now that the rug and sofa are in place and looking quite dramatic, it’s clear the room needs some neutral tones for balance, so it doesn’t feel too chaotic. Neutral tones will be introduced in the form of leather or rattan accent chairs and versatile extra seating. On the focal gallery wall above the sofa (more on that coming soon), I’ve allotted space for much needed task lighting. But those are only a few of the room’s elements I’m considering. To that end, here’s another peek at the mood board for those remaining pieces, as well as a few others, followed by a source list.

Family Room Mood Board

1. We’re deciding between a leather strap chair and a rattan armchair. Both look roomy, casual and the perfect size to accommodate guitar playing for my husband and friends.

2. Coffee table selection is paramount due to the smaller size of the room. Considering the rug and sofa are striking and draw the eye, we need a coffee table that has less visual “weight”. I found this modern glass and wood coffee table. It’s large enough for entertaining and puzzles, has a handy wood shelf and, because the top and sides are clear, it will allow the room to “breathe” – not feel weighted down.

3. Task lighting is a must and this room has none. This swing arm lamp provides task lighting that’s adjustable with a price tag that’s easy on the budget (since we need 2 of them).

4. This tiny side table from Urban Outfitters is large enough for a drink and your phone, but doesn’t take up a lot of space.

5. Since the room is small-ish, seating on both sides of the room would make the room feel too crowded, not to mention difficult to navigate. This jute pouf is a great price and doubles as a handy foot stool. These leather Moroccan poufs are also contenders. In the end, the choice of pouf is driven by the choice of accent chair (rattan or leather), because too much leather or too much jute/rattan would be overwhelming.

6. This side table is tall and narrow which makes it a perfect match for our high armed sofa.

Stay tuned and I’ll post again once we complete the room. In the mean time, if you haven’t already seen it, check out my post on the styled bookshelf that will remain in the family room.

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